I did a thing!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to get a big chop..


I wish I could say that it was a monumental moment for me, but the truth is that I tend to randomly want to switch up my hair.. and then I can’t stop thinking about it… so I do a bunch of research and then BAM just go for it! I’ve had short hair before but this is definitely the shortest it’s ever been.


I wrestled with the idea of going to a barber vs. a salon, but ultimately decided on a salon.. Lakoet Salon (totally recommend Christine!!) to be exact. I wanted a feminine look and felt more comfortable finding someone who was used to working on people with more feminine features (no clippers were used on my head). Side note: I used Instagram to try and see various local salons’ previous pixie cuts but that was no help at all.


Instagram, Instagram, Instagram. The thought of cutting my hair started when I came across Naiomy‘s profile. Up until then, I hadn’t really noticed many people with my hair type going short. But when I saw her cut I thought it was so cute and knew I would have to cut off all my hair one day. After the idea became embedded in my system, I began to look for more inspiration. On Instagram, I saved posts from gayhairday + jpattonsalon .. I also leaned on my trusted friend Pinterest. But again, felt that my hair type was different from those so I wasn’t sure if those cuts were compatible with my hair.

Ultimately, my biggest inspo was my mom. She had short hair when she was my age, and I figured since people say we look alike it shouldn’t look too bad. But the truth is, I didn’t show my stylist any of these pics! Once I sat in the chair, I decided that I didn’t want to compare my hair to a picture and just trusted her judgment.


My hair is cut! What happens now? So because this cut was new to me, I did not want to rely on my old hair products. My stylist suggested R+Co Mannequin and I bought it. Now that I’ve tried it a few times, I wouldn’t recommend it.. here’s why:

Image result for mannequin styling paste
  1. Strange smell.
  2. Has sort of a matte finish, I prefer shine.
  3. Once you have this in your hair and it dries, it’s pretty much sealed.. you can not brush it or move it much otherwise it’ll stay that way, puff up, and make it hard to flatten back down. My preferred style is flat so this doesn’t work for me, but it could work for you if you want to play around with volume and shape.

Okay so that didn’t work.. but here are two products that did .. that I already owned, woo!:

Olaplex No 6 Bond Smoother annnnnd Cantu Shea Butter!

Now, I wish that I could take credit for this fabulous duo, but I first heard about it from Crystal who is a stylist and fellow curly haired babe. In the past I had not really been a fan of Cantu Shea Butter because I felt it weighed my hair down (key is to not use so much). After my haircut, I love it even more!!!

Here’s my routine:

  • I wash my hair with Tina Pearson‘s shampoo and conditioner (shout out to Ryan’s mom for hooking me up).. THEY SMELL BOMB
  • Once I’m out of the shower I squeeze most of the water out of my head.. you’d be surprised how quickly your hair dries when there’s not a lot of it..
  • I then apply a quarter sized amount of Olaplex, followed by Cantu..
  • Finally I brush my hair the way I want it to dry and seal it with a scarf.
  • Go to sleep and bam, when I wake up my hair needs minimal styling (usually just use wax on my hairline and sideburns to straighten them out).

Here’s what you need to know (based on MY experience)…

  • My hair does not dry neat and tidy on its own. With a pixie cut, you can’t just rock a bun on a bad hair day. This means that depending on your hair type, you might have to sleep with a headscarf on in order to maintain your look. For me, if I don’t, I end up looking like a trolls doll in the morning.
  • I find that on weekdays I just can’t wash my hair in the morning because I need to make sure my hair dries before I’m off to work so I can fix it if I need to. This means I can’t be lazy about washing my hair at night because… yikes
  • On the flip side, If I need to reset my hair but don’t have time to wash it, I can just wet it with a spray bottle and start my hairstyle from scratch.
  • Your hair products will definitely last way longerrrr!
  • Cutting your hair might lead to high spikes in your confidence.. I pretty much have one hairstyle… but I LOVE it and I feel the most true to myself.
Moral of the story: If you’ve been thinking about cutting your hair.. DO IT!! I honestly think everyone should experience a pixie cut at least once in their lives. For me, I’ve never had emotional ties to my hair so I can see why it might be hard for someone who does. But it was so worth it!

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