A weekend in Montreal!

This past weekend, Ry and I headed up to Montreal in celebration of my birthday. I had been there twice before, but was especially excited for this trip because we were going for the Mural Festival.. woo! Now, if you’ve read my last post, I did say I would share my mini guide with y’all.. but the truth is we kinda winged most of the trip and we had a blast! So instead I’ll share some of my fave pics and make a list of things we did! Woo! 🤟🏼


  • Old Montreal- great place to walk around, ride your bike (by the water), go into galleries and shops.. or just grab a bite!
  • Mural Festival– lots of vendors, pop ups, food, performances, live art, galleries, stores.
  • St Joseph’s Oratory– perfect place to catch the sunset!
  • Botanical Garden– the only experience we paid for, and it was well worth it!


*If you’d like to see more snaps from the mural festival, you can check out the Montreal highlight on my Instagram!—-> click here 🙂

What are some of your favorite spots in Montreal? Let me know in the comments.

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