A Fri-date in Brooklyn!

Happy Saturday y’all! Yesterday my boyfriend, Ry, took off work and we decided to drive out to Brooklyn to check out Cj Hendry’s Rorschach exhibition! He had been a fan of hers for some time and decided to bring me along to check out the greatness for myself. The weather was so nice that we made a day out of it.. so I decided to make a list of the places we went to in case one of you might find it useful! (and also share some of the pics I took!)

STOP 1: Cj Hendry’s Rorschach Exhibit!

This was probably one of funnest dates we’ve had. Bouncy house + awesome art.. Cj Hendry, you have gained a lifelong fan! We got there right before noon.. found parking on the same block and experienced zero wait time (not sure how it’d be on weekends).. but I would 10/10 recommend! $10 to get in and you get super cool socks. You can check in your stuff so you don’t have to worry about what to do with your coat/bag. It’s only up until April 21st so head over there while you still can! If you want to check out more on my experience head over to my insta and click on the art highlight!

For more info on the exhibit, click here! (they have a virtual tour on the site)

STOP 2: Empire Stores!

After leaving the exhibit, Ry suggested we walk around and ended up by the empire stores. I had never been, but the views and atmosphere was really awesome. We spent most of our time outside but went into the building to use the bathroom (anybody else have a terrible bladder? hehe) and did notice some art on the walls. I’ll link the website for those of you who want to learn more about it: here.

STOP 3: Luke’s Lobster!

Our walk led us to Luke’s! This is probably the second time I’ve had a few bites out of a lobster roll so I’m not a connoisseur, but I thought it was pretty good. Ryan got a regular lobster roll for about $18.. it was pretty small in my opinion, but we weren’t that hungry so it was perfect for us.

STOP 4: Juliana’s Pizza!

After a bit we did get hungry. As we walked up Old Fulton St. Ryan mentioned a pizza shop that usually has a crazy long line outside of it. This time around, the wait time wasn’t wild and so that’s what we decided on for lunch! We had the housemade meatballs and a margherita pie. Though the food was super yummy.. if you’re near and around Jersey City, I personally love the pizza at Razza and the meatballs at Roman Nose a little more.

Snapped these two on the way to the park.. v proud of them 🙂

STOP 5: Domino Park!

Our last and final stop in Brooklyn was Domino Park (which we drove to). Such a beautiful space to sit and relax with your people. As you can tell, I barely took pics.. but you can check out more about its features on their website!

Hope someone out there finds this useful. Make sure to let me know in the comments if you end up checking any out, and feel free to give me recommendations of your own!



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