I’m a woman, phenomenally.

Something about it being Women’s month has me feeling extra empowered and thankful to be a woman. I’ve been thinking about how it’s so easy to post things about women supporting women and eliminating girl hate.. but if I am honest at the end of my comparison or jealousy (if any) is oftentimes a woman. I am learning not to validate those feelings but to question them, reflect, and most importantly grow.

Choose the road less traveled: choose see the good in people.. and when you do, tell them.. pray for those who knowingly/unknowingly hurt you, be a kind human. There’s so much potential that gets lost when we let our feelings divide us from people.

So inspired by the many resilient women I follow. You encourage me to tap into my full potential. Wish I could have a huge sleepover with all of you, but just know you’re all part of the girl gang I have made up in my mind.

If you follow me on instagram, chances are you know that I enjoy art.. So it was only right that I kick off Women’s History Month by sharing some pictures of an art show Ry and I went to last night called FEMME, which showcased art from some pretty bad ass ladies. Definitely recommend you check it out, if you’re by Jersey City, as it’s open all month long!

For more information on this exhibition and the artists participating, click here.

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