Netflix Recommendations for the True Crime Junkie.

Ever since I can remember, crime shows have always been a part of my life IMG_6970(thanks mom). Now that I am older, I find myself naturally leaning towards shows of that nature.

As a self proclaimed homebody, I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit in front of the boob tube. Some shows have put me to sleep and others made me sacrifice it.

For the sake of keeping your attention, this post is dedicated to the latter..

The following are some of my favorites ranked from highest to lowest, based on their IMDb score, all available on Netflix. Happy binge watching!

  • Forensic Files
    • A series featuring detailed accounts on how notable crimes and diseases were solved through forensic science.
    • Okay, I know you’re probably rolling your eyes right now.. but this show is definitely my go-to. You see, I tell myself that if I watch a show that is only 20 minutes long, it’s not as bad as watching an hour long episode… then I proceed to watch 4, 20 minute episodes… smh.
  • The Keepers
    • A seven-part docuseries about the unsolved murder of a nun and the horrific secrets and pain that linger nearly five decades after her death.
  • Wild Wild Country
    • When the world’s most controversial guru builds a utopian city deep in the Oregon desert, conflict with the locals escalates into a national scandal. A true story.
    • Fun Facts:
      • Sheelah graduated from Montclair State University.
      • If you’re familiar with the Jim Jones case.. the daughter of the politician killed in Jonestown ended up joining the Rajneeshees.
  • Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes 
    • A look inside the mind of serial killer Ted Bundy, featuring interviews with him on death row.
    • If you become as intrigued by this show as I was, I urge you to try to find this book online. Written by Bundy’s long term girlfriend at the time, I swallowed it up in one day.

BONUS! These two may not be true crime, but they are definitely worth mentioning.

  • Luther
    • DCI John Luther is a near-genius murder detective whose brilliant mind can’t always save him from the dangerous violence of his passions.
    • Aside from Idris Elba being my celebrity crush.. this is genuinely a good show!
  • Bosch
    • An L.A.P.D. homicide detective works to solve the murder of a thirteen-year-old boy while standing trial in federal court for the murder of a serial killer.
    • This one is only on Prime Video.

Hope you enjoy them! And if you have any recommendations make sure to leave them in the comments!



Disclaimer: Descriptions are not my own and have been taken from their IMDb profiles.

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